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Lala Deen Dayal
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History is not only wars and annexations. It is also events which change the course of life through developments in science, discoveries and application of progress. Events like the arrival of the first telescope, the advent of cars which changed the scene on the roads - all these were recorded with an unusual sense of composition, and provide us with the earliest visual record of Victorian India.
Reception by BMC to H.M. King Visit of Chloroform Commission Arrival of the first telescope
Reception by BMC to H.M. King
George V at Apollo Bunder 1903
Visit of Chloroform Commission
to Hyderabad 1889
     Arrival of the first telescope
    at Hyderabad-3/2/1890
Vintage Car from Nizam's farage 1900 Langar Procession Hyderabad Delhi Durbar 1898
  Vintage Car from Nizam's
          garage 1900
Langar Procession Hyderabad Delhi Durbar 1898      
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